Solvent Recovery Business

We respond to various VOC (volatile organic compound) gas recovery needs and provide the optimum solvent recovery equipment that meets the needs of our customers. Our adsorption type solvent recovery device (Solventrika) uses high-performance activated carbon fiber (FINEGARD). With the introduction of Solventrika, we can reduce production costs and environmental impact by recycling solvents.

Features of a solvent recovery device

The solvent is liquefied and recovered from the VOC gas exhausted from the production process.
Recycling the recovered solvent reduces the procurement volume of raw materials (solvents) for production, and thus reduces production costs.
Since the exhaust gas at the outlet of the device is purified, the environmental load is reduced.
Recently, it has been used especially in lithium-ion battery separator manufacturing equipment.

Major features

  1. (1)High-quality recovery solvent
  2. (2)High solvent gas removal performance
  3. (3)Lightweight and compact
  4. (4)Energy saving
  5. (5)High safety
  6. (6)Easy to start and stop

Roles of solvent recovery devices

Mechanism of the device


We perform processing to improve solvent absorption with the high-performance activated carbon fiber and its filter (FINEGARD), which utilize the Teijin Group's carbon fiber know-how.
Compared to granular activated carbon, the adsorption/ desorption rate is faster, higher quality solvent can be recovered, and the same performance can be achieved even with a small amount.

Maintenance and inspection

We provide total support for aftersales services, such as regular inspections and emergency repairs to maximize equipment performance and to allow customers to use it with peace of mind for a long period of time. We also provide services according to the requests of our customers including performance confirmation/replacement of high-performance activated carbon fiber and its filter (FINEGARD), which is the heart of the equipment, and inspection/maintenance/repair/replacement of each part of the equipment (rotating body, drive part, etc.).

Inquiries about Solvent Recovery Business