Plant Business

The Plant Business Division consists of a group of engineers in chemistry, machinery, electricity, instrumentation, construction and civil engineering. Based on diverse experience gained through many years of development, design and construction, we propose useful products that meet the needs of our customers with advanced quality control and safety management.

Factory production and manufacturing equipment

Based on manufacturing equipment design technology, we carry out plant construction for various kinds of manufacturing equipment.

We construct plants with careful consideration not only in terms of performance but also in terms of economy, operability, maintenance safety, and other factors from the design stage based on the point of view of the users.

Examples of construction equipment

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment
  • Food manufacturing equipment
  • Electronic component manufacturing equipment
  • Textile manufacturing equipment
  • Powder production equipment
  • Plating liquid manufacturing equipment
  • Chemical product raw material mixing equipment

Machinery and equipment-related

We design machines and equipment that meet the needs of users. We manufacture and construct economical machines and equipment that combine various materials and construction methods depending on the type and temperature of the chemical solution.

Examples of construction equipment

  • Various metal tanks and equipment
  • Various FRP tanks and equipment
  • Air conditioning, HVAC systems, sanitary equipment, water supply and drainage equipment
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Mechatronics
  • Electrical and instrumentation equipment
  • Maintenance of various water quality measuring devices

Environment-related equipment business (exhaust gas treatment, wastewater treatment)

We investigate the properties of raw wastewater generated in factories and business activities, select an appropriate treatment method for raw water based on our extensive experience, and consistently carry out planning, design, construction, and maintenance. In addition, we are strengthening the capacity of existing equipment, reducing sludge, and reducing aeration power, among others.

Examples of construction equipment

  • Exhaust gas treatment
    • Adsorption type
    • Cooling coagulation type
    • Combustion method
  • Wastewater treatment
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