Introduction of analysis kit

We have achieved the automation of analytical inspections of water quality (substances that may cause damage to human health) and soil (soil elution amount surveys of specific harmful substances), and it has become possible to perform analytical inspections at low cost and quickly.
Please use our service through our electronic commerce site (EC site).

Information on analysis kit

What is included in the analysis kit

  • Two plastic collection bottles
  • Two glass collection bottles
  • User's guide
  • Check sheet for returning
  • Seal for returning
  • Return slip (Refrigerated courier service)

How to conduct the inspection

When you place an order from our EC site, we will send you an analytical test kit. The customer should collect the solution according to the prescribed procedure, seal it, and return it by refrigerated courier service.
Although it depends on the volume of orders that we are handling, we will generally mail the analysis result table or a certificate to you in about one week.