About Us

Our Business

Toho Chemical Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. is an engineering company of the Teijin Group. Our business consists of three main pillars, and each business demonstrates its uniqueness and contributes to society.

The Plant Business Division is in charge of designing, manufacturing, and constructing facilities and equipment for factories by accurately grasping customer needs. The second, the Solvent Recovery Business Division, conducts business worldwide, specializing in the manufacture and sale of solvent recovery equipment developed in-house by using its proprietary technology.

The third is the Analysis Business Division. It provides total solutions based on chemical analyses, including environmental measurement such as general environmental analyses and work environment measurement, and comprehensive analyses and evaluation of such results.

Plant Business

The Plant Business Division constructs plants with careful consideration not only in terms of performance but also in terms of economy, operability, maintenance safety, and other factors from the design stage based on the point of view of the users.

Solvent Recovery Business

The Solvent Recovery Business Division proposes devices that adsorb and recover the solvent gas discharged from processing. We contribute to cost reductions by reducing the environmental load as well as collecting and reusing solvents. We use high-performance activated carbon fiber, which has an extensive track record in adsorbents and achieve high removal rates, space saving, and high-quality solvent recovery.

Analytical Solution Business

The Analysis Business Division conducts analysis, testing and evaluation of various materials and substances with excellent human resources and advanced equipment. We also accept consultations regarding analyses not listed.